Best Way to Clean Dark Laminate Floors

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Summary: Laminate floors are easy to clean but very hard to maintain. Do you have any tricks to keep your laminate floor clean?
Carefully follow the instructions to make sure that the floor does not get damaged. If you follow the instructions and use the floor cleaner properly, the cleaner will work.
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A lovely dark floorboard is an ideal base for any home. It is versatile, elegant and adds warmth to the house. It looks great in most houses, regardless of its design. Is an ideal choice for any home.

You have no doubt heard of laminate floors, but have you seen the new dark laminate floors? These are quite popular for their modern style. However, their dark colors can present a problem. Dark laminate floors are hard to keep clean, but they are definitely worth the effort. This blog will look at how to clean dark laminate floors without streaking.

Laminate and hardwood flooring may look similar but their cleaning and maintenance differ greatly. Hardwood floors can be wiped down with soap and water without damaging them, while laminates leave a milky film after the surface becomes wet. Laminates cannot be soaked or splashed with water or any liquid otherwise they can be damaged. Therefore, if you follow the instructions and use the floor cleaner correctly, the cleaner will work.

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How to Make Dark Laminate Floors Shine

We will be using two types of cleaning solutions one being a homemade cleaning solution and the other being the use of commercial cleaners.

The kitchen ingredients have a natural allure and these DIYs are best for laminate floors. It’s a cheap solution that is easy to implement and could prove effective. And it is too easy to create.

A commercial cleaner may be more convenient for you. If you’re unable to create a homemade cleaner diy.


Making a homemade solution for laminate flooring with Vinegar and rubbing alcohol have long been used as a way to remove sticky residue, and orange essential oil, for example, spills on the floor that has yellowed. It’s not ideal to use water-based solutions, but it helps extend the life of your cleaner. Just add a little bit of water to it. You can do this by buying a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a small bottle of distilled white vinegar for this project.

How to Make a Homemade Recipe for Dark Laminate Floor

You Will Need:

First, pour your vinegar and alcohol into a spray bottle or bucket. (If you’re using an essential oil, add on these 5 drops) With a few drops of your favorite essential, you can make an eco-friendly floor cleaner. You can also use a white cloth to soak it before pouring each liquid on the floor. Now spray the surface and wipe the dark laminate floor clean using a dry mop or sponge and rinse it well. The point of doing it this way is to allow the natural cleaning properties of vinegar and alcohol to truly shine.

Once the floors have been mopped, wipe the floors with a dry microfiber cloth or a dry mop to ensure that there is no water left on the floors.

Clean Dark Laminate Floors with Use of Commercial Cleaners

The special thing about a commercial cleaner is that you take the ready-made. You will be amazed by how it worked. The laminate floor was shining. You were really impressed with this kind of cleaning. The commercial cleaner is a very easy product, as you don’t need to add anything to it. You don’t need to dilute it. It’s really simple to use this cleaner. You just use it according to the instructions. The stain is removed easily.

Clean Dark Laminate Floors with Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Zep Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner (32 Ounces) can be used with most refillable mops for fast and efficient cleaning. It’s the best way to clean your laminate floor. Also great for use on solid or engineered hardwood & laminate floors. Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is the fast, easy way to restore shine to your hardwood floors. It is specially formulated to remove stains and scuffs while maintaining shine and clean dark laminate floors without streaking.

Before cleaning with Zep first sweep the floor, and make sure there is no dirt behind.

After that spay the Zep cleaner on the laminate floor, and wipe with the mop well. This fast-drying cleaner formula will leave you with the shine you never saw before.

Clean Dark Laminate Floors with Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is an advanced multi-surface floor cleaner specially formulated for cleaning all hardwood floors. It can be used on all sealed or unsealed hardwood floors, vinyl, ceramic tile, marble, and laminates.

In case you have a concern about collecting cleaning tools, this particular special is perfect for you because it includes all the necessary cleaning tools that will allow your laminate floor to be properly cleaned, and cover all the scratches on dark laminate flooring.

As you go, make sure to first sweep the floor. Take the 32 oz Bona High Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish and spread it across the floor. Then mop the floor with Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pads and wipe well.

Using a Bona Floor Care Kit could be useful next time. If necessary, you could use it next time.

Clean Dark Laminate Floors with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray

Mop up some dirt with this multi-surface cleaner from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. This cleaner is versatile enough to get your entire house clean, from your wood floors to your laminate floor, to your countertops. The lemon verbena scent is refreshingly mild, and the cleaner is tough enough to get rid of stuck-on dirt, but it’s gentle enough to use on your dark laminate floors. This product is tangle-free.

All you have to do is spray the laminate floor freely and then clean it with a mop and wipe with the mop well. and get rid of hard stains.

How to Prevent Footprints on Dark Laminate Floors

To protect your laminate floor from footprints and other marks, simply follow these tips.

Use a small amount of vinegar to remove the dirt and other stains from your laminate floors. First, put about fifty milliliters of vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Next, add three Liters of water and mix them together properly. Then, take it in a sprayer and shake the solution until the ingredients are well blended together. Use this final preparation to remove any footprints or dirty spots from your laminate floor.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed this blog about how to maintain laminate floors. Make sure you clean your laminate floors at least once every month. Thank you for reading and we hope you can use this information to successfully maintain your laminate floors.

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