Cleaning Mold with Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Cleaning mold with vinegar and baking soda is the solution to your concerns if it grows in your home. Mold is a problem that can quickly spread. Keeping your home clean and dry can help prevent mold from forming.

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Mold and mildew can be found almost everywhere. There are many places where it can be found, including shower walls and ceilings, under carpets, and inside refrigerators and stoves.

Mold stains are difficult to remove, especially if they have been there for a long time. Mold is not just unsightly but can also be dangerous because of its spores that have the tendency to grow and spread. If not treated immediately, mold can cause illness and damage to the property of the homeowner. In this situation, vinegar and baking soda work best.

Here we’ll share some methods on how to clean mold with vinegar and baking soda and things that you need to know about vinegar and baking soda.

Why vinegar and baking soda work well together

The key to this experiment is the carbon dioxide gas (CO 2 ) that is produced when baking soda and vinegar react. While the reaction is happening, CO 2 comes out of the vinegar and into the air. The CO 2 then forms large bubbles that sink and carry the baking soda to the bottom of the jar. 

Carbon dioxide bubbles escape the solution as a result of the reaction. In a container with bubbles, carbon dioxide collects at the surface or overflows due to its weight.

Baking soda and vinegar react chemically when combined. A chemical reaction is when two or more substances react to form new substances. The baking soda and vinegar would be the reactants, while the large bubbles and baking soda at the bottom would be the products. CO2 and oxygen combine to form these bubbles.

This is a chemical reaction called gas exchange. The reaction that forms these bubbles is an exothermic reaction. An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that gives off a lot of energy in the form of heat. This is a very useful reaction because the bottle warms up a bit. This may make it easier to pour on the mold.

Vinegar and baking soda are beneficial for cleaning mold?

Vinegar and baking soda are some of the most powerful cleaners for home cleaning. Vinegar is acidic in nature while baking soda is alkaline in nature. Good news- When mixed together, they form an effective cleaning agent. Vinegar when mixed with baking soda forms the chemical reaction called ‘carbonic acid and sodium acetate’.  This chemical reaction when mixed with vinegar helps remove the tough stains and mold.  The reaction also produces heat so avoid mixing in a small cup or in low quantity.  Mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda in a bucket of warm water for faster results.

How to get rid of mold with vinegar and baking soda.

You Will Need:

Here are the steps to killing mold with vinegar and baking soda. 

First, use a broom on the surface. Then mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda in a bucket of warm water. 

Then add into a spray bottle and spray on the moldy surface, being sure to coat all surfaces.

Take a scrubbing brush and scrub it well.

cleaning mold with vinegar and baking soda

Leave the solution on the mold for some minutes. 

After the time has passed, mop the area again with water and then dry the area with a towel. If the mold does not come off, repeat the process until it does.

How to protect your home from mold.

Mold is often found in dark, damp areas. You can help prevent its growth by wiping up any spills immediately. Switch out the air filters in your home. If you have a leaky roof, fix it. Some people find certain scents offensive, so try to keep the space you are trying to clean free of any strong odors.

Mold can be stubborn, so try using a vacuum to suck up any mold you can’t reach. Before you use any chemicals, test them to make sure they won’t damage the surface or leave streaks. For stubborn mold, try scrubbing with a nylon brush.


Mold can be a problem in homes, especially in climates where it rains a lot. Mold can grow on walls and floors, and once it grows it can be hard to get rid of. When mold grows in your home it can cause health problems, and can damage your home if not taken care of. If you suspect that mold has started growing in your home you should call a professional for mold inspection and mold removal. If you can remove the mold yourself, vinegar and baking soda are a great solution. Cleaning mold with vinegar and baking soda is a safe and effective way to take care of your mold problem.

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